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Sonic Skyways is ready to embrace everything 2022 has to offer. To give a small preview, you can expect the following from us in the next 365.

-Our first studio EP album πŸŽ™
-Active show and festival schedule 🀘🏼
-Band merchandise πŸ‘•
-NEW Music! 🎡

Having formed less than a year ago, we are very thankful for all the love and support we’ve received from friends, family, the local music scene, and everybody that has given our music a chance. And we sincerely hope you continue to join us in our steadfast journey to spread rockin’ music through the airwaves.


Sonic Skyways formed in early 2021 under the guise of being a post-pandemic new band. 2021 didn’t unfold like anyone thought, but, we had a lot of fun. Several summer gigs and a battle of the bands win set Sonic Skyways up for a great 2022.